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2nd HR Pinduteros Choice Awards -HRonlinePH.com

2nd HR Pinduteros Choice Awards.

In celebration of the coming 2012 Human Rights Week in December and as a way to give thanks to HR Defenders who continued their support by patronizing and contributing online articles, photos, statement, press releases and other resources, HRonlinePH.com is holding its 2nd HR Pinduteros Choice Awards.

The HR Pinduteros Choice Awards is an online event that aims to give recognition to human rights defenders’ online activities (Individuals and groups) that informed, inspired and mobilized the online readers to our common cause that is to promote, defend and assert human rights utilizing the internet as a tool.

Online polling and popularization of the event also hopes to contribute in increasing awareness and build up for the international HR day celebration in December 10, 2012 through encouraging the netizens to visit and learn more about human rights issues, campaigns and etc. posted and featured in different HR sites.

Human Rights Pinduteros is a community of internet users, HR advocates and activist who as a network promote and defend HR and believe in HRonlinePH.com’s call to inform, inspire and mobilize our readers to our cause online and offline.

“2nd HR Pinduteros Choice Awards” aims to:

1. Encourage active HR promotions and posting
2. Recognize online efforts for human rights
3. Promote HR activities online and offline
4. Encourage more readers and patronage for HR sites and causes

Recognitions/Categories for HRonlinePH pinduteros’ (readers’) choice 2012
• 2012 most clicked HR bloggers
• 2012 most clicked HR website
• Top HR bloggers posts 2012
• Top HR networks post 2012
• Top HR event 2012
• Top HR photo 2012
• Top HR off the shelf 2012
• Top HR video 2012


Nominees were chosen from the top items per category posted in HRonlinePH.com based on the hits generated from the period of October 2011 to September 30, 2012.

50% of the score for winning post will be based on HRonlinePH.com statistics

50% will be based on an online voting/polling which will be held from the period of October 2012 to November 30 2012.

Winners will be announced and awarded during the HR week 2012 celebration. (Exact date and venue to be announced)

RA 10175 criminalizes internet freedom an assault to human rights! -HRonlinePH.com

Human Rights Online Philippines (HRonlinePH.com), a group of human rights defenders online, stands against the present state of the Anti-Cyber Crime Law and we demand that such law must be consistent with human rights standards and perpetrators behind this spiteful law be held accountable.

RA 10175 or Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012 is a State crime and an assault against the human rights of the people. HRonlinePH.com is one with the Filipino netizens in condemning its intention to deliberately go against our right to defend human rights online.Under the law, activists and human rights defenders will be the obvious and primary target of attacks by guilty politicians and government officials.

The intentional inclusion/insertion of treacherous provisions poses great danger to defenders utilizing the internet in its work to promote, defend and assert human rights against violators from the government.

The law is an obvious assault to many of the peoples’ rights both activists and ordinary citizens like free speech, freedom of expression, due process and among others. It is inconsistent with government’s obligation to respect, protect and fulfill human rights as provided in the Bill of Rights under the Philippine constitution and international Bill of Rights.

The law is also a blatant breach of the Government’s obligation and commitment to the United Nation International Covenant on Civil Political Rights (ICCPR) which states that;

Article 19

1. Everyone shall have the right to hold opinions without interference.

2. Everyone shall have the right to freedom of expression; this right shall include freedom to seek, receive and impart information and ideas of all kinds, regardless of frontiers, either orally, in writing or in print, in the form of art, or through any other media of his choice.

Certainly we need a law that would protect the people from cyber criminals and it’s our elected officials’ obligation to provide us one. But we cannot allow a law that would be used to suppress any of our democratic rights and freedom may it be on the internet or on the grounds. We must not allow any law that violates standards and protection of our rights.

We challenge and demand that PNoy government fulfill its duty and obligation to protect us. Protect the people from cyber criminals and from any form of attacks of human rights violators from the government.

We reiterate and assert that it is our right to defend human rights offline and online and any law that would violate these rights must be junked and perpetrator must be held accountable!It is obviously the intention of the malicious provisions of the law for guilty politicians to protect themselves by depriving the people of venues for airing demands and remedy for their issues.

It is not a crime to criticize government inaction and irresponsibility, it is our right!

It is not a crime to expose government violations, it is our right!

It is not a crime to assert and defend our rights, it is our right!

But it is a CRIME by the Government to violate our internet freedom because it is our human rights!

via [Statement] RA 10175 is an Anti-Cybercrime Law that criminalizes internet freedom an assault to human rights! -HRonlinePH.com.

Vote for the 2011 WikiPinoy of the Year – www.thepoc.net

For the past five years, WikiPilipinas.org, the Philippines‘ premier online encyclopedia, has been awarding the WikiPinoy of the Year title to the person or group of people who has empowered the public by providing open information and in-depth insights into the more significant issues affecting the country today.

A WikiPinoy does more than information and knowledge sharing. A WikiPinoy’s output is research-driven, meaning, he or she does not just present the facts as is, but probes beneath the surface of each story and inspires people to be knowledge sharers as well. For a WikiPinoy, knowledge sharing goes beyond the comfortable seat of his or her office desk—he or she is proactive.

Unlike in previous years when the WikiPinoy of the Year was selected by the editorial board and staff of WikiPilipinas, the 2011 WikiPinoy of the Year will be chosen by WikiPinoys – the readers and contributing volunteers of WikiPilipinas.

Starting today, December 1, WikiPilipinas readers can vote for one of ten nominees for the 2011 WikiPinoy of the Year by answering the online poll question on WikiPilipinas’ official facebook account.

The nominees for the 2011 WikiPinoy of the year are:

*Manix Abrera – Manix Abrera is popularly known as the brains behind Kiko Machine, a daily comic strip published in the Philippine Daily Inquirer. Aside from his daily humor komiks, Abrera tackles issues about news media on News Hardcore (appearing on Gmanews.tv) and Pressed Freedom (appearing on Cmfr-Phil.org).

*Ericson Acosta – Ericson Acosta is a prominent political prisoner and cultural worker, who was arrested and detained in February 2011 by the Armed Forces of the Philippines. Despite being detained, Acosta continues to pursue his art and, reminiscent of Vietnamese hero Ho Chi Minh’s “Prison Diaries,” released “The Prison Sessions”, a raw recording of progressive songs. “The Prison Sessions” gained international prominence as it was nominated in the 2011 Imprisoned Artist Prize.

*Mikey Bustos – Mikey Bustos is the YouTube sensation responsible for the viral “Filipino tutorial” series where he teaches Westerners about contemporary Filipino culture. The video series is known for its humorous yet educational approach to Philippine culture.

*Michael Charleston Chua – Michael Charleston Chua is a youthful history professor from the De La Salle University whose advocacy is to popularize the accurate and objective teaching of Philippine history in the news media. He won the WikiPinoy of the Year for History title in 2007, when the WikiPinoy of the Year award was given to a number of individuals per category.

*Lourd de Veyra – Lourd de Veyra is the vocalist of jazz rock band Radioactive Sago Project as well as an accomplished writer and commentator. In 2011, the TV5 segment Word of the Lourd became popular among the youth. In the video shorts, de Veyra presents his perspectives on current social issues, like the independent film industry, Philippine sports, the death of Apple founder Steve Jobs, and unique Filipino traits.

*People behind HronlinePH.com – HRonlinePH.com is a joint effort of various human rights organizations to popularize the issue of human rights in the online world. It is touted as the first human rights news aggregator in the Philippines.

*Heidi Mendoza – Heidi Mendoza is the muckraking auditor of the Commission on Audit who exposed probable cases of corruption among generals of the Armed Forces of the Philippines during the administration of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. A pint-sized lady accountant, Mendoza, through her pen and paper, courageously went against the top brass of the military to pursue truth, justice, and accountability.

*Gerry Ortega – Another muckraking personality, Gerry Ortega is a Palaweno broadcast journalist who exposed the ills of mining in key biodiversity areas in his home province. As a reported result of his aggressive commentary against large-scale mining and other forms of environmental destruction, Ortega was murdered on 24 January 2011. His death resulted in the No to Mining in Palawan Campaign which has now reached more than 3 million signatures since its launch in February 2011.

*People behind SEA Games 2011 : Team Philippines News Updates Facebook page – Social media has been an alternative source of news and information, and in this Facebook page, fans of the Philippine national team reported, in real time, the updates and developments of the Philippine campaign in the 2011 Southeast Asian Games (SEA Games) in Palembang, Indonesia during November 2011. The page reported news in all SEA Games events and was not limited to the spectator sports commonly covered by the mainstream media.

*People behind Transparencyreporting.net – TransparencyReporting.net is a pioneering collaborative effort by independent journalists to report corruption in both the national and local governments in the Philippines. It was built upon the belief in an informed and proactive public as the most important agents toward a transparent and corrupt-free system of governance.

To vote for the 2011 WikiPinoy of the Year, add WikiPililipinas.org on Facebook ( wikipinas@gmail.com ) and vote in the 2011 WikiPinoy of the Year online poll. Voting ends on December 31, 2011. Contact WikiPilipinas at contribute@wikipilipinas.org for more details.


Putting human rights online, Moving people into action

HronlinePH.com Statement on the International Human Rights Day
10 December, 2011

This year, we have all witnessed the transforming power of social media. It has become a vehicle that stirred the ordinary people in every city across the globe to come together to claim for their rights and to effect change even in the face of violent repression.

Philippines is no exception. Social media in the country have already transcended from a mere venue for self-expression and entertainment to a source of alternative news and a platform for social connection, participation, or even political mobilization.

That is how HronlinePH.com came into being.

From a simple collaborative effort of individual human rights advocates to bring the different human rights advocacies online, we grew into a network of human rights activists whose shared motivation is to make human rights a reality for all. Using the available digital technology, we inform, inspire and mobilize the general public especially the underprivileged and the marginalized sectors to assert and defend their basic human rights.

And we will continue to perform this role.

We will keep on providing a space to show the plight of Filipino workers from the brunt of unfair labor practices and job insecurity here and abroad. We will continue to voice the cry of farmers for genuine agrarian reforms. We will carry forward the rights of children even those who are in conflict with the law. We will never cease to expose the detrimental ecological effect of mining on land and water resources and the displacement of farming communities from their indigenous agricultural lands. We will advance the right for sexual orientation and gender identity against any forms of discrimination. We will continue to support the women’s right of choice and access to reproductive health. We will condemn at the highest level the act of torture, enforced disappearance and extrajudicial killings. We will reprove inhumane and violent demolition of informal settlers. We will stand side by side with the writers, artists, journalists in preserving the freedom of the press and expression. We will demand for a guarantee of standard of living with adequate social services free from corporate greed. We will steadfastly exercise and defend our rights offline and online.

Hence we will not leave any story untold.

We will keep every human rights issue a major topic of our blogs. We will cover our websites with news and updates on human rights situation. We will share photos and videos of actual footages that capture the reality on the ground. We will create a trend in twitter and facebook. We will swamp the chatrooms or form online fora or email groups to share and exchange information. We will be in every nook and corner of cyberspace whenever human rights are concerned.

We pose a challenge to the mainstream media, by bringing in new voices which previously had no outlet, and by putting human rights at the center of public discourse. We do not aspire to incite a revolution nor to lead one, but we intend to contribute in reshaping the texture of public opinion to get people involved in the movement for social transformation.

Today as we commemorate the International Human Rights Day 2011, we should keep in mind that human rights belong equally to each and everyone of us. It is what binds us together in a common humanity.

Because human rights are about all of us. Our lives are the message. Our views and actions are the medium.

Rights groups, bloggers launch HR Online Philippines – www.gmanetwork.com website

Rights groups, bloggers launch HR Online Philippines website.

A group of human rights defenders and bloggers found each other and launched the Human Rights Online Philippines (HROnlinePH) website http://hronlineph.com in Quezon City on Dec. 2.

Its initiators said the website seeks to promote and protect human rights in the Philippines through Information Resources Online.

How HROnlinePH started?

Once editorial decision and content were finalized, the team, considered how best to interact with individual and group human rights advocates and to share online resources; and then the initial group began tackling possible organizational identity.

HROnlinePH team had lot of work to do before the http://hronlineph.com to be registered as site, and developing an editorial policy was first on the list.

Please take a look at the site and you will see entries written by personalities like Fr. Shay Cullen, mssc, of People’s Recovery, Empowerment Development Assistance Foundation (PREDA), Dr. Renato G. Mabunga of the Human Rights Defenders (HRD)-Pilipinas and Prof. Walden F. Bello.

Frequency of entries depends on what is happening in the news. Another component of http://hronlineph.com’s editorial policy is the bloggers themselves who are called as HROnlinePH Fellows.

Engaging readers via social media tools…

HROnlinePH team knew that as good as their blog content might be, its impact would be solely dependent on the number of readers, number of hits, number of generated feedbacks, and motivating those readers to become regular readers. The team turned its focused to increasing ease of access to blog content through FaceBook, Twitter and other social media tools.

Expected results

Since HROnlinePH blog has started in March 2011, the team has seen a steady increase in number of visitors and links to it by related sites. This is critical to generating search engine results and increased visibility in the Internet. When you Googled the site, you will see pages of links to other mainstream media and blogs where HROnlinePH is tagged. HROnlinePH team also receives a variety of comments from seeking legal assistance from distressed workers and women who are allegedly victims of violence to commending our work.