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It’s funnier for Mokongs in the Philippines

It’s funnier for Mokongs in the Philippines

On the positive side, after the DOT released their “It’s more fun in the Philippines” campaign, It has effectively moved a good number of our netizens into action.  My fb friends on one side started having fun in participating by posting their contribution to promote the campaign.  On one side, others are having fun posting critical and sarcastic versions using the campaign in expressing their discontent.

We can’t deny, the campaign reached its objective on utilizing the online for its popularization, the fun way. It has effectively stirred debates and discussion. In its early stage it has and is serving its purpose satisfactorily.

It is too effective that we can’t also help but give our Mokong version. Kahit anong pigil nanggigigil ang aking mga mokong na daliri na pumindot at sumali.

Mokong Perspective welcomes “It’s more fun in the Philippines” campaign DOT effort.  Ngunit, subalit, datapwat mainam, while DOT may have done a good job on the aspects of boosting the promotion the Philippine tourism industry,  which is too early to judge, we can’t help but worry that just like other tourism campaigns, our government tend to ignore and cover –up the realities that are making it not too fun in the Philippines.

For mokong purposes, it will be more fun in the Philippines, if…

PNoy will start the year with a clear human rights action plan. It will be more fun if there will be resolutions for human rights violations cases, It’s really great fun breaking impunity.  It’s definitely fun to have a clear policy against mining. It’s fun to stop contractualization.  It’s fun in the Philippines if killings of journalists and human rights defenders will stop. It’s fun to have the FOI bill enacted, and many more…

The government must look into these issues or mokongs will have to post a counter proposal changing it into “It’s funnier in the Philippines!”


IMPUNITY, It’s funnier in the Philippines!

Human Rights violators were getting awards instead of punishment.  In some cases they are now good in invoking their rights and fear for their lives.

Where rebels and activists were charged of common crimes and perpetrators of massacre charged of rebellion.

GREED, It’s funnier in the Philippines!

Large scale mining companies, illegal loggers and business tycoons washed their hands from disasters and contractualizations and blamed it to Filipinos. So it’s more fun to mine Philippines.

Government agencies like the MGB and DOLE became spokespersons for businesses.

Thousands of workers not heard.

Salaries are lower, unions are busted.


DEMOCRACY, It’s funnier in the Philippines!

There are more than 300 political prisoners languishing in jails.

Corrupt politicians get elected.

JUSTICE SYSTEM, It’s funnier in the Philippines!

Thousands waited in detention for years for verdict on crimes charged to them.  Government claims that our detention facilities are not ready for international scrutiny.

Where foreigners charged of rape and other crimes, the powerful and rich were exempted from suffering congestion and harsh conditions of jails.

ENFORCED DISAPPEARANCE, It’s funnier in the Philippines!

For a nation known for its victory against dictatorship and tyranny, for more than a decade now, our policy makers failed to enact an anti-enforced disappearance law.

TORTURE, It’s funnier in the Philippines!

Suspected perpetrators of torture were transferred and given new assignments somewhere else while victims seemed being punished for getting the burden of proof on their shoulders.

A policeman charged of torture was allowed to teach in a police academy.


These are just few among the so many possible reasons why we can definitely attract tourist and boost foreign investments.  It’s funnier here.

If you don’t find this article funny, that’s the point.

Solidarity for the disappeared in FB and my muscle pain

Photo by Darwin Mendiola

Solidarity for the disappeared

August 30. Every morning while having my coffee, it has been part of my routine to browse on all my online accounts before I start to prepare to work.

A campaign in facebook asking friends to take down profile pics in commemoration of the International Day of the Disappeared caught my attention. The message was:

In remembrance of the disappeared in the Philippines and around the world, whose lives, rights and freedoms were taken, please take down your profile picture on August 30, International Day of the Disappeared.


It was indeed a very creative way of expressing solidarity online. But just like other campaigns in facebook whoever started this remains unknown. But one thing is sure. Whoever it was, he/she did a good job.

Our organization as one of the members of the Coalition Against Enforced Disappearance or CAED held an event tagged as “I have RAGED!” or Run Against Enforced Disappearance not only to commemorate the International Day of the Disappeared (IDD) but also to call for the enactment of a law that would criminalize this HRV and for the Philippine government to ratify the international convention.

The run was attended by families of victims and HR advocates.

For decades, HR advocates and families have been pushing for the enactment of the law. We hope that all these efforts will reach P-Noy and the leaders of our government.

After the run, I went home and went online to remove my profile pic.

August 31. This morning, I woke up with my muscles aching.  Although the run was not really a long run but it was able to make me feel sick maybe because I’m not used to distance running.  It made me realized that I need to have even simple exercises from now on or try to stop smoking and start thinking of my health. I decided to skip work today and take a break.

Ano pa kaya ang walang kapagurang paghahanap ng mga naiwang kamag-anak ng mga mahal sa buhay nilang mga sapilitang winala? mas masakit pa sa muscle pain ang kanilang dinadanas. Pwede rin silang lumiban at magpahinga pero hindi dito natatapos ang paghahanap.