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A Mother’s Appeal

December 5, 2011

Mga Kababayan,

God’s blessings to you! This is a mother’s appeal for your compassion to help her win her son’s life and his freedom.

My name is Letty Lanuza, the mother of  Rodelio “Dondon” Lanuza, who is in prison in Saudi Arabia under a sentence of death by beheading (Lord, spare him!) since 2000.

Please believe me when I say that the death of a Saudi caused by my son was accidental.
Since 2000, my tears have flowed and my heart has been broken but my prayers to God are unceasing.

God has answered my prayers when in February 2011, through the effort of the Philippine Embassy in Riyadh and other Members of the Reconciliation Committee, the aggrieved family agreed to forgive Dondon.

However, as is the custom in Saudi Arabia, in exchange for Dondon’s life and freedom, they demanded  ”blood money.” As of this writing, our family had raised P570,000.

A group of big-hearted members of the Filipino business community in the Philippines led by Filipino American leader, Loida Nicolas Lewis, have offered to match your kind donation dollar for dollar.

We do not have the luxury of time. In less than three months (February 2012), it would be one year since they forgave and required the blood money equivalent. If by then we are not able to come up with an amount that will satisfy them, it may mean the withdrawal of their forgiveness and hasten the death of Dondon. (Lord, spare him!)

May I ask you to please open your hearts and help me to save the life of my son, an OFW who is unjustly imprisoned in Saudi Arabia. Your donation of $100 will be matched with another $100 by the group of Filipino Philanthropists led by Mrs. Lewis. We will be forever grateful for any amount that you can donate, which will likewise be matched dollar for dollar by them.

Donations may be sent through any of Metrobank’s overseas branches and international offices free of charge. For those who wish to send their donations through any of Metrobank’s remittance correspondents worldwide, the bank has agreed to waive all Metrobank related charges.

Please click here to begin sending your donations now. You can also help us by spreading the word about my son, and lifting up prayers for his immediate release.

Thank you so much, and may God reward your kindness!



For inquiries, you can reach us via email at: lettycelestino@gmail.com (Letty Lanuza) or lewisloida@gmail.com (Loida Nicolas Lewis)

Pls watch and act- A Mother’s Appeal

Please watch and act on the appeal of a mother for her son. Video about Dondon Lanuza,


To my Fellow Kababayans,

I, Mrs. Letty C. Lanuza, the mother of Rodelio “Dondon” Lanuza who’s freedom is almost within his reach after surviving 11 years behind bars in KSA. Yet his liberty is still threatened if he’s not able to come up with the blood money agreed upon with the aggrieved family.
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Video begging P-Noy to HELP Dondon Lanuza

This is actually an old video file about an appeal for Dondon Lanuza. An OFW in death Row in Saudi Arabia.

The video posted in youtube by

I’ll write something about this in my next posts. Please watch video…