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Isang kapirasong ngiti ay kayang tumunaw

Ano pa kaya ang hagikgik na dinig at tanaw

Isang libong halakhak at tawang pahiyaw

Isang milyong saya papalis sa ‘king uhaw


Isang kapirasong sulyap na ibinato sa ‘kin

Ano pa kaya ang pagbati sa pagpapapansin

Isang libong pagtingin at pagtitig na may diin

Isang milyong langit ang kayang liparin


Isang kapirasong halik idampi sa labi

Ano pa kaya kung yakap ang isukli

Isang libong yapos na ‘di nagmamadali

Isang milyong oras ng pagkakiliti


Isang kapirasong pansin na ipagkait

Ano pa kaya ang paglisan, sadyang mapait

Isang libong pag-iwan ang magpapaulit-ulit

Isang milyong taon mang sa isa’t-isa’y nawaglit.

Filipino YouTube Stars Unite in Song for Philippines. by Green Mango

Filipino YouTube Stars Unite in Song for Philippines (“The Prayer” // Typhoon Haiyan Yolanda)

Note: This video is definitely not mine but it’s worth sharing. enjoy and be inspired.

Video-video din pag may time for Yolanda victims

Video-video din pag may time for Yolanda victims

video video pag may time

Malikhain talaga tayong mga pinoy, akalain mo ‘yun ang daming videos sa youtube ang ngayon ay nalikha at ginamit upang ipaalam sa mundo ang mga nangyari, at siyempre makapangalap ng tulong para sa mga biktima.

Ilan sa mga videos na aking tinutukoy ay hinaluan ng musika na ang iba ay orihinal at ang ilan naman ay remake.  Ang mga talentadong pinoy para sa mga biktima ng bagyong Yolanda ay bumirit at umere, ikaw napanuod mo na ba?

“The Prayer” by The Loboc Children’s Choir & Various Artists Official Music Video (Typhoon Yolanda)

Published on Youtube, Dec 12, 2013. By UniversalRecPH


[Download The Prayer at http://www.spinnr.ph. All proceeds will go to the Philippine Disaster Recovery Foundation to help rebuild the lives of those in the Visayas.]


On October 15, 2013, an earthquake with the energy equivalent to “32 Hiroshima bombs” devastated the Visayas, and parts of Mindanao and southern Luzon.

Two days later, the Loboc Children’s Choir sang, “The Prayer,” with the rubble of the hundred year old Loboc Church as their backdrop.

Their performance moved so many people here and abroad. Then, tragedy struck again.

On November 8, Typhoon Yolanda, the most powerful tropical cyclone of the year hit East Samar, Samar and Leyte.

Thousands died. Millions were left hungry, desperate, and homeless.

Relief efforts from the Philippines and the rest of the world are currently helping the victims survive and find temporary homes.

But the bigger challenge is how to help all these people get back to their normal lives.

This is where we took inspiration from the Loboc Children’s Choir’s performance.”

Read full article @ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YWG66HUqX74


#ProjectPagbangon: Sandugo (Original Singers Edition)

By the Philippine Misereor Partnership Inc.

Published on Dec 9, 2013

Join the #ProjectPagbangon Music Video Making Contest!

On the occasion of this year’s Human Rights Day, the Philippine Misereor Partnership Inc. (PMPI) is launching a MUSIC VIDEO-MAKING COMPETITION on the theme “RELIEF AND REHABILITATION ARE HUMAN RIGHTS”.

The friendly competition is fairly simple: Using the anthem, create a MUSIC VIDEO that portrays how you and your friends, family or organization demonstrate your solidarity with victims and survivors of calamities, with the theme of the contest in mind of course.

STEP ONE: Watch the Original Singers Edition music video of Sandugo.

STEP TWO: Send an email of intent to join using the subject “#ProjectPagbangon Contest” to pmpsecretariat@yahoo.com. Please include name of contact person, cellphone number, and short profile of your group. We will reply with a download link of the high resolution wav audio file of the song and further instructions.

STEP THREE: With the wav file, make a music video using your own video footages and/or photographs, animations and other open-source materials.

STEP FOUR: Upload your music video on Youtube, and send us a link to your music video by replying to the email with which we sent you the link of the wav file.

Considerations for judging include: Substance (40%), Creativity (40%), Number of views of your entry in Youtube (10%) and Number of likes in Facebook (10%). Top three entries win recognition tokens and P10,000 each; Deadline for submission of entries is February 10, 2014. Winners will be determined on Araw ng Kagitingan 2014.

Entry to the competition is free, and each of the first 10 to join gets a complimentary music album and book worth at least P1,000.


We are the World for Philippines (We Are The World 25 – Michael Jackson COVER by Filipino Artists)

Published on Youtube, Nov 22, 2013 By Chamberlain P. Guevarra

Tatsuo Productions (http://www.tatsuoproductions.com/)

Sapphire Productions

Evolution [Jerry Catarata] (https://www.facebook.com/EVolution.Du…)

“In light of the calamity of typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda that left our fellowmen in Southern Visayas helpless.Artists of different ages,genres and backgrounds gather together for one common goal. To make this video as an encouragement to people to open their hearts, lend a helping hand and to thank the nations that offered aid to our country. WE ARE FOREVER GRATEFUL.To our fellow Filipinos, STAY STRONG! United we stand! BANGON VISAYAS! WALANG IWANAN!


Antonette Maria Bajamunde,Noreen Isabel Quinamot,Kyle Lemuel Juliano,Tiffany Mae Valdegamo,Enrico Ricardo Nolan,Wilholm Ho,Joel Aba

Jeva Villamil,Lee Abapo,Charyn Ong,Hanna Nicole Tesado,Michael Kent Jugador, Vinz Villarosa,Dezirhyl Genn Ramirez,Rakhim Salatan Tahir,Giancarlo Benguechea and Reymark Seblero of The Robbee Talents Club

Earl Neil Kho and Andy Canlas of Midnasty

Onna rhea Quizo, Ian Gue, Kyra Aguilar, Hanz Vallehermoza, Earnest Hope Tinambacan, Dave Trasmonte, Von Cathlene Panot,Carla Mongado,Arnold Munez. aka Bassunni,Carla Mongado and Jerry Catarata”


“SOS Philippines” – The song after the storm! [TYPHOON HAIYAN / YOLANDA]

Published on Youtube, Nov 15, 2013. By Armand TJ

According to the post, “There’s a global campaign to make this song become a movement for unity, not just for the Philippines, but for the whole world. To support this movement, we need to get this SOS out there as much as we can. Every share/repost/tweet/blog/tag will help make a difference and add fuel to the fire. Thank you for all those who are one with us, and one with the message to the world!

To send further donations to benefit the devastated areas, you may download the song from any of the links below. All downloads will support a fundraiser that helps the people rise up again in the long term.”

Sabi pa niya, “The Filipino spirit is force of nature.”

“Please share this song and video on all social medias. You should hear these children’s voices! They’re from different parts of Panay island and Palawan, also hit by the storm. Please help us encourage more help/aid from the rest world, and to deliver a message of hope and solidarity to the Philippines and humanity. The Filipino spirit is a force of nature, struggling to rise up. With all your help, we can survive this crisis. This song connects us all as one humanity, from our island, to the rest of the Visayas, the Philippines – and the rest of the world! Please ask all your friends to share. One Love! Thanks for those who contributed to delivering this SOS.”

RA 10175 criminalizes internet freedom an assault to human rights! -HRonlinePH.com

Human Rights Online Philippines (HRonlinePH.com), a group of human rights defenders online, stands against the present state of the Anti-Cyber Crime Law and we demand that such law must be consistent with human rights standards and perpetrators behind this spiteful law be held accountable.

RA 10175 or Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012 is a State crime and an assault against the human rights of the people. HRonlinePH.com is one with the Filipino netizens in condemning its intention to deliberately go against our right to defend human rights online.Under the law, activists and human rights defenders will be the obvious and primary target of attacks by guilty politicians and government officials.

The intentional inclusion/insertion of treacherous provisions poses great danger to defenders utilizing the internet in its work to promote, defend and assert human rights against violators from the government.

The law is an obvious assault to many of the peoples’ rights both activists and ordinary citizens like free speech, freedom of expression, due process and among others. It is inconsistent with government’s obligation to respect, protect and fulfill human rights as provided in the Bill of Rights under the Philippine constitution and international Bill of Rights.

The law is also a blatant breach of the Government’s obligation and commitment to the United Nation International Covenant on Civil Political Rights (ICCPR) which states that;

Article 19

1. Everyone shall have the right to hold opinions without interference.

2. Everyone shall have the right to freedom of expression; this right shall include freedom to seek, receive and impart information and ideas of all kinds, regardless of frontiers, either orally, in writing or in print, in the form of art, or through any other media of his choice.

Certainly we need a law that would protect the people from cyber criminals and it’s our elected officials’ obligation to provide us one. But we cannot allow a law that would be used to suppress any of our democratic rights and freedom may it be on the internet or on the grounds. We must not allow any law that violates standards and protection of our rights.

We challenge and demand that PNoy government fulfill its duty and obligation to protect us. Protect the people from cyber criminals and from any form of attacks of human rights violators from the government.

We reiterate and assert that it is our right to defend human rights offline and online and any law that would violate these rights must be junked and perpetrator must be held accountable!It is obviously the intention of the malicious provisions of the law for guilty politicians to protect themselves by depriving the people of venues for airing demands and remedy for their issues.

It is not a crime to criticize government inaction and irresponsibility, it is our right!

It is not a crime to expose government violations, it is our right!

It is not a crime to assert and defend our rights, it is our right!

But it is a CRIME by the Government to violate our internet freedom because it is our human rights!

via [Statement] RA 10175 is an Anti-Cybercrime Law that criminalizes internet freedom an assault to human rights! -HRonlinePH.com.

It’s funnier for Mokongs in the Philippines

It’s funnier for Mokongs in the Philippines

On the positive side, after the DOT released their “It’s more fun in the Philippines” campaign, It has effectively moved a good number of our netizens into action.  My fb friends on one side started having fun in participating by posting their contribution to promote the campaign.  On one side, others are having fun posting critical and sarcastic versions using the campaign in expressing their discontent.

We can’t deny, the campaign reached its objective on utilizing the online for its popularization, the fun way. It has effectively stirred debates and discussion. In its early stage it has and is serving its purpose satisfactorily.

It is too effective that we can’t also help but give our Mokong version. Kahit anong pigil nanggigigil ang aking mga mokong na daliri na pumindot at sumali.

Mokong Perspective welcomes “It’s more fun in the Philippines” campaign DOT effort.  Ngunit, subalit, datapwat mainam, while DOT may have done a good job on the aspects of boosting the promotion the Philippine tourism industry,  which is too early to judge, we can’t help but worry that just like other tourism campaigns, our government tend to ignore and cover –up the realities that are making it not too fun in the Philippines.

For mokong purposes, it will be more fun in the Philippines, if…

PNoy will start the year with a clear human rights action plan. It will be more fun if there will be resolutions for human rights violations cases, It’s really great fun breaking impunity.  It’s definitely fun to have a clear policy against mining. It’s fun to stop contractualization.  It’s fun in the Philippines if killings of journalists and human rights defenders will stop. It’s fun to have the FOI bill enacted, and many more…

The government must look into these issues or mokongs will have to post a counter proposal changing it into “It’s funnier in the Philippines!”


IMPUNITY, It’s funnier in the Philippines!

Human Rights violators were getting awards instead of punishment.  In some cases they are now good in invoking their rights and fear for their lives.

Where rebels and activists were charged of common crimes and perpetrators of massacre charged of rebellion.

GREED, It’s funnier in the Philippines!

Large scale mining companies, illegal loggers and business tycoons washed their hands from disasters and contractualizations and blamed it to Filipinos. So it’s more fun to mine Philippines.

Government agencies like the MGB and DOLE became spokespersons for businesses.

Thousands of workers not heard.

Salaries are lower, unions are busted.


DEMOCRACY, It’s funnier in the Philippines!

There are more than 300 political prisoners languishing in jails.

Corrupt politicians get elected.

JUSTICE SYSTEM, It’s funnier in the Philippines!

Thousands waited in detention for years for verdict on crimes charged to them.  Government claims that our detention facilities are not ready for international scrutiny.

Where foreigners charged of rape and other crimes, the powerful and rich were exempted from suffering congestion and harsh conditions of jails.

ENFORCED DISAPPEARANCE, It’s funnier in the Philippines!

For a nation known for its victory against dictatorship and tyranny, for more than a decade now, our policy makers failed to enact an anti-enforced disappearance law.

TORTURE, It’s funnier in the Philippines!

Suspected perpetrators of torture were transferred and given new assignments somewhere else while victims seemed being punished for getting the burden of proof on their shoulders.

A policeman charged of torture was allowed to teach in a police academy.


These are just few among the so many possible reasons why we can definitely attract tourist and boost foreign investments.  It’s funnier here.

If you don’t find this article funny, that’s the point.