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Mag-Tree planting ay ‘di biro- one more time (the Sta. Ana, Cagayan Experience)

Pagkatapos ko sa isang walang katapusang pagbiyahe. 15 hours. Labinlimang oras ng pagsakit ng puwit sa pakikipaglaban ko sa salumpuwitan ng bus. Heto at napuno ang araw ko ng Setyembre 26 ng mga hindi makakalimutang pangyayari. Naburang lahat ang pagkainip sa biyahe. Napalitan ang lahat ng pagkainis sa hindi maayos na pagtulog. Nawow ako sa ganda ng Sierra Madre.

I was sent in Sta. Ana, the farthest town of Cagayan, by our office to join in the activity of the locals here organized by Sta. Ana Alliance for Social and Environmental Concern (SASEC).  Ang host ng visit ko (I was sent here to represent the Task Force Detainees of the Philippines) ay si Sister Minni ng Franciscan Apostolic Sisters. She’s the chairperson of SASEC.

The activity celebrated the adoption of the resolution by the Local Government proclaiming September 26 the Save Sierra Madre Day.  It was also SASEC’s contribution in the awareness building campaign about the effects of climate change and to encourage people to do their part in saving Sierra Madre mountain range so that the tragedy like what “Ondoy” did to us will not happen again.

I joined their “a long and widing road” at “bridge over troubled water” Alay Lakad and experienced another challenging tree planting, see for yourself. Using the camera of the office what you see is what you’ll get…

At 5:30 a.m. I thought it was just the sun rising…

Nagbabanta na pala ang isang pagbuhos…

Biglang nahawi ang ulap…

Climate change talaga.  Ang bubuhos pala ay mga bata…

Pati Matatanda…

Then when the group proceeded to Sierra Madre for the tree planting, bumuhos ang ulan…

Tree planting pag nasok sa puso nino man tatawirin ang lahat makapagtanim lamang…

More photos to come. To be continued…

Writers Unite! 09.26.11 Blog Action Day for Climate Justice

Writers Unite! 09.26.11 Blog Action Day for Climate Justice.

In solidarity with the victims of typhoons Ondoy (“Ketsana”), Pepeng, Frank and all other extreme weather events and disasters of the past here in Manila and all over the Philippines, the Philippine Movement for Climate Justice (PMCJ) and the Freelance Writers of the Philippines (FWP) call on writers/bloggers/media workers to write their literary pieces, essays, tweets and slogans on “climate justice”. All these are to be submitted on September 26, 2011.

For those with blogs, you can upload your article in your own blogs and at the same time submit it on the day itself at For those without blogs, you can submit your articles and pieces via Also do follow us in twitter (@clim8justicePH) and flood it with your tweets on climate justice.

We see that writers can play a big role in this effort to best articulate the issue especially with political, manipulative moves by the rich, industrialized and overly-consuming countries (Annex 1), which don’t want to be accountable from their past actions on too much greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) brought about by unfettered industrialization and accumulation of profit. This hampers genuine actions to mitigate the impacts of climate crisis to the most vulnerable communities especially the indigenous people. We believe that writers can share the passion in spreading the message. Actions must be taken before the situation becomes even worst.

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Noticed your electric bills?

It has started.

Power rate has gone up due to wrong policies under privatization and EPIRA.

Register your protest! BLACK OUT your profile pics and say…


FB campaign mechanics:

All Filipinos and friends around the World-Wide Web with Facebook account and wishing to register one simple act of protest against continuing hike of power rates in the Philippines are enjoined to temporarily change their profile picture with the BLACKOUT logo on  October 11, 2011 from 3:00 in the afternoon to 9:00 in the evening.  Let us register our voices that even as Facebookers we too are concerned NETizens and affected by the increasing power rate.  Invite all your facebook friends to do an act of SOLIDARITY.



Join the National day of action, Oct.11, 7:30-8pm National Power-OFF/Lights-OFF!

Would you change your tsunami walk into planking?

Photo source:

Natuwa ang marami sa pagkakapanalo ni Miss Shamcey Supsup sa recently concluded Miss Universe.  According to beauty pageant experts it was her natural beauty, her tsunami catwalk and her very Christian and intelligent response sa question and answer portion ang nagpaangat sa kanya sa mahigit 80 kalahok sa nasabing patimpalak.

“Would you change your religious beliefs to marry the person that you love? Why or why not?”

Shamcey replied, “If I had to change my religious beliefs, I would not marry the person that I love because the first person I love is God, who created me. I have my faith and my principles, and this is what makes me who I am. And if that person loves me, he should love my God, too.”

According to unrevealed inside the pageant tsismis, kaya daw nanalo ang Miss. Angola ay dahil sipsip daw ito at walang panama ang Supsup. At kaya daw si Shamcey lang ang walang interpreter ay dahil daw no available interpreter was able to translate Supsup in English.

Ang pagkapanalo ni Shamcey took the Filipinos like Ondoy. Marami ang nakarelate that even politicians ay nakuhang magkumento sa nasabing celebrated na pagkapanalo.

Isang mokong na beauty pageant consultantang nagmagaling, “Shamcey should have bagged the Miss Universe title if she only combined planking with her tsunami walk.”

Napaisip even Lolong the more than 20 foot long crocodile, who has not been taking his meal for weeks now.  Dahil dito ay nilagyan ng CCTV camera ang kanyang kinalalagyan to observe the captive croc.

According to experts ay may language barrier daw between humans and Lolong. Kaya naman pinatawag po natin ang interpreter ni Miss Angola upang malinawan ang nais ipahayag ni Lolong.

According to the mokong interpreter, Lolong was very excited about Shamcey’s catwalk and naispired siyang sumali sa mga beaty pageant. It was clear that Lolong is willing to change his beliefs for the love of freedom.  The judges would definitely be surprised with his tsunami walk, and will change the pageant’s catwalk into crocwalk. He will be making our country proud dahil siguradong makukuha niya ang korona ng the biggest croc in the universe.

And lastly, Lolong told the Mokong interpreter that if he will not be given the opportunity to represent our country in the Guinness book of world record, he will be protesting by Planking. Expert nga naman siya sa planking, all his life nakaplanking siya.

He has been in hunger strike for weeks now and hindi lang nahalata pero naka-planking talaga siya.

Because of this, a mokong source revealed that Congressman Winni Castello of  District 2 of Quezon City was planning to change his proposed anti- planking law.  He plans to include crocodiles too in his bill.

Isang protesta ‘di umano ang pinaplano laban sa anti-planking bill, a mass-planking action day, date and venue to follow.

But the bill according to mokongs will not make it to the finals. Hindi papayag ang mga mambabatas that crocs will be included in the bill.

Napag-alaman din that a known business tycoon will not support Castello’s anti-planking act.  Balak pa naman niya mag-planking to protest laban sa hindi pagpayag sa kanyang contractualization scheme sa kanyang businesses.   Planking while flying.

Meanwhile sa isang presscon sa Malakanyang, isang pang-beuaty pageant na tanong ang ipinukol ng isang mokong na reporter kay PNoy, “Paano na lang po kung magsabay-sabay ang transport strike sa katapusan? Tigil pasada ng Jeepney drivers dahil sa oil price hike, bus operators’ strike dahil sa toll fee, at PAL employees strike dahil sa Contractualization, would you change your beliefs to marry the pinoys that you love kuno?”

PNoy answered, “kaya nga ang love ko for the pinoys ay parang coca cola, nung campaign period regular, nung manalo na ako naging light, ngayon ZERO na.”

Laging tatandaan…ang maniwala at mapikon ay Mokong lang po.

Who do you think used to own 200 bullet-proof bras?

Who was notorious for her 3,000 pairs of shoes? They were found in the Malacanang Palace after the overthrow of her husband. They also found 200 bullet-proof bras and 50 fur jackets though Manila doesn’t really get very cold…