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Excerpts from Report of the Special Rapporteur on the right to freedom of expression

Report of the Special Rapporteur on the promotion and protection of the right to freedom of opinion and expression, Frank La Rue

Frank La Rue. Photo source: www.unmultimedia.org

Frank La Rue. Photo source: http://www.unmultimedia.org

States’ use of blocking or filtering technologies is frequently in violation of their obligation to guarantee the right to freedom of expression…
The types of action taken by States to limit the dissemination of content online not only include measures to prevent information from reaching the end-user, but also direct targeting of those who seek, receive and impart politically sensitive information via the
Internet. Physically silencing criticism or dissent through arbitrary arrests and detention, enforced disappearance, harassment and intimidation is an old phenomenon, and also applies to Internet users. This issue has been explored in the Special Rapporteur’s report to the General Assembly under the section on “protection of citizen journalists” (A/65/284). Such actions are often aimed not only to silence legitimate expression, but also to intimidate a population to push its members towards self-censorship.


The Special Rapporteur remains concerned that legitimate online expression is being criminalized in contravention of States’ international human rights obligations, whether it is through the application of existing criminal laws to online expression, or through the creation of new laws specifically designed to criminalize expression on the Internet. Such laws are often justified on the basis of protecting an individual’s reputation, national security or countering terrorism, but in practice are used to censor content that the Government and other powerful entities do not like or agree with…


I think before I Pindot

This “I think before I click” campaign of GMA7 caught my interest and I am sure it had reached millions of viewers too.

Naalala ko tuloy ang mga kasama ko sa “Digital Activism” training na dinaluhan ko few months ago.  Conducted by DAKILA and sponsored by The Asia Foundation. Bilang bahagi ng pangungulit namin noon sa isat-isa, we made fun of the idea of calling ourselves “Pindoteros” instead of “digital activists.”

We even thought of translating everything online into “tagalog” kaya instead of share it, like it, tweet it or click it, napagkatuwaan naming tawagin itong – “Pindutin na ‘yan!”

I agree with GMA7, I believe everyone does, that the power of social media is a great responsibility.

“…If you think about how the Philippines is famous for “People Power” — that necessary ingredient that toppled presidents in peaceful revolutions — it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the country is also among the top countries in the world in terms of presence in the social media space.

On Facebook, the world’s largest social network, Filipinos represent some 25 million of the reported 750 million users worldwide, putting the Philippines at 7th place in the world just behind highly populous nations like the US, Indonesia and India,” According to the article in GMAnews.tv.” GMA said.

“It’s time for another “People Power” this time to push for a more responsible use of social media. How can you help? Simple, tell as much people as you can to “Think Before You Click”. Here’s how you can do that:

  • Take a photo of yourself holding up a sign “think before you click” written on a sheet of paper and change that to your Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google+, MySpace or Flickr profile photo. Then upload them to YouScoop.tv.
  • Add a “Think Before You Click” Twibbon to your Twitter DP.
  • Tweet us using the hashtag #thinkB4Uclick and tell us how you can be a more responsible user of social media. Or join ongoing discussions on Facebook and Google+.
  • Record a video of yourself discussing how you can do your part to promote social media responsibility and upload it to YouScoop.tv.

It’s indeed all one easy click away. Now a click could definitely change a nation. Topple a dictator or destroy a person.

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