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Anti-Pork protests continue- #PORKTOBERFEST – A Street Party Protest Against the Pork Barrel System

Kung hindi ako nagkakamali, ito ay ‘organized’ by the #ScrapPork Network. Sama na! (Extracted from FB events)


#PORKTOBERFEST – A Street Party Protest Against the Pork Barrel System
October 25, 2013
7:00 pm
T.Morato, Quezon City


So you go out on a payday Friday night. You check your payslip and you see your withholding tax – there goes part of your hard-earned money. You pay for parking with 12% EVAT. You buy food and drinks with friends and you pay your bill – with 12% EVAT. The next morning you read the papers, you see how the taxes you paid last night was misused by people you thought you could trust. Dammit.

On October 25, a Friday night, you probably will go out again. Pay for parking, pay for gas, and pay for your weekly dose of Friday night food and drinks – with all those you pay 12% EVAT. BUT YOU HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF THE DECEIT AND THIEVERY. You want to tell your government that what you will be paying on the night of October 25 should be properly used and should not go to the pockets of those suckers. YOU WILL DO THIS AT THE #PORKTOBERFEST!

BE IN THE KNOW. BE AWARE. BECAUSE YOU OWE IT TO YOUR COUNTRY. Because you can have fun while you learn about your country’s issues and while you become part of the solution to your country’s problems.


1) The ABOLITION of the Pork Barrel System.
2) A FULL ACCOUNTING of ALL pork barrel funds used.


There will be NO CENTRAL STAGE AND SPEECHES. Bars and restaurants in the area are invited to set up tables and chairs/ booths and kiosks and even small platforms/stages along the sidewalk of Morato to provide entertainment AGAINST THE PORK BARREL. Street performers/artists (flashmobs, singers, poetry readers, etc.) are also invited to perform along the street.

Express yourself on our Freedom Wall where you can write your protests against the pork barrel system!

Bring your noisemakers because at 12 midnight we will make noise that will echo throughout this country TO SHOW THIS GOVERNMENT THAT WE ARE THE BOSS AND WE WANT THE PORK BARREL SYSTEM SCRAPPED!!!

Show the government that you want cleaning up! WEAR WHITE! COME AND SHOW YOUR GOVERNMENT THAT YOU ARE THE BOSS!

#Porktoberfest #100DAYS #ScrapPork #tayoangboss #MillionPeopleMarch

Source: https://www.facebook.com/events/484327198331700/

The hottest way to protest in town- PLANKING!

Photo extracted from reptilepets.co.za

Yes indeed hot na hot ngayon ang planking. Ewan ko na lang kung hindi ka pa napaisip na sumubok. Kung hindi mo pa naintindihan ang plankingmania, tanungin mo si Lolong the more than 20 foot long crocodile. Why? Well fyi, Lolong is an expert, he’s been planking all his life.  Sabi ko nga hindi lang halata!

According to our mokongleaks, it is in fact intentional or no accident why planking and “Tuko-craze” were sensationalized sa halos sabay na pagkakataon.  Besides Lolong the croc kasi, expert ata ang mga Tuko or Gecko sa planking. Imagine planking while chanting “tukkko!” Planking on the wall, planking sa kisame, planking sa likod ng aparador at kung saan-saan pa.

Kaya nga daw mahal sila sa merkado. What might comes next ay gamot na rin ang Planking sa AIDS o Cancer.

“Geckos are small to average sized lizards belonging to the family Gekkonidae, which are found in warm climates throughout the world. Geckos are unique among lizards in their vocalizations, making chirping sounds in social interactions with other geckos. There are 1,196 different species of geckos.” http://geckoinformation.info/

“The rules are simple: you must lie face down, palms flat against your sides, with your feet together and pointing at the floor. Points are awarded for an original location and for the number of spectators and participants involved. You must, of course, have somebody take a photo. Without a photo, you’re just a person lying down.”Tom Meltzer’s article @ guardian.co.uk.

Heto na nga’t may panukalang batas na si Cong Winnie Castello to ban planking sa mga minors at students.

Agad naman itong binara ng mga tumututol.  “Freedom of expression ito and Cong Winnie you have no right to stop us from planking! Kahit sa grades namin!”

A mokong proposal to the U.N. Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights has been sent.  A Convention for the promotion of the right to planking of human rights defenders.

Photo extracted from planking.mobi

Sa sobrang init ng planking, nasagap ng ating mga mokong na tuko na nagpadala na daw ng pahiwatig si Lucio Tan na ibig nitong magpaturo ng planking.

Photo extracted from forbes.com

Yes, madali lang naman magplanking kaya lang ang gusto daw ni Lucio Tan at handa siyang magbayad ng malaki, ay planking sa ibabaw ng Flag Carrier na pag-aari niya.  Matindi pa ang gusto daw niya ay Planking while Flying bilang panapat sa ginawang mass die-in ng mga members ng PALEA.

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Would you change your tsunami walk into planking?

Photo source: adventuresofabeautyqueen.com

Natuwa ang marami sa pagkakapanalo ni Miss Shamcey Supsup sa recently concluded Miss Universe.  According to beauty pageant experts it was her natural beauty, her tsunami catwalk and her very Christian and intelligent response sa question and answer portion ang nagpaangat sa kanya sa mahigit 80 kalahok sa nasabing patimpalak.

“Would you change your religious beliefs to marry the person that you love? Why or why not?”

Shamcey replied, “If I had to change my religious beliefs, I would not marry the person that I love because the first person I love is God, who created me. I have my faith and my principles, and this is what makes me who I am. And if that person loves me, he should love my God, too.”

According to unrevealed inside the pageant tsismis, kaya daw nanalo ang Miss. Angola ay dahil sipsip daw ito at walang panama ang Supsup. At kaya daw si Shamcey lang ang walang interpreter ay dahil daw no available interpreter was able to translate Supsup in English.

Ang pagkapanalo ni Shamcey took the Filipinos like Ondoy. Marami ang nakarelate that even politicians ay nakuhang magkumento sa nasabing celebrated na pagkapanalo.

Isang mokong na beauty pageant consultantang nagmagaling, “Shamcey should have bagged the Miss Universe title if she only combined planking with her tsunami walk.”

Napaisip even Lolong the more than 20 foot long crocodile, who has not been taking his meal for weeks now.  Dahil dito ay nilagyan ng CCTV camera ang kanyang kinalalagyan to observe the captive croc.

According to experts ay may language barrier daw between humans and Lolong. Kaya naman pinatawag po natin ang interpreter ni Miss Angola upang malinawan ang nais ipahayag ni Lolong.

According to the mokong interpreter, Lolong was very excited about Shamcey’s catwalk and naispired siyang sumali sa mga beaty pageant. It was clear that Lolong is willing to change his beliefs for the love of freedom.  The judges would definitely be surprised with his tsunami walk, and will change the pageant’s catwalk into crocwalk. He will be making our country proud dahil siguradong makukuha niya ang korona ng the biggest croc in the universe.

And lastly, Lolong told the Mokong interpreter that if he will not be given the opportunity to represent our country in the Guinness book of world record, he will be protesting by Planking. Expert nga naman siya sa planking, all his life nakaplanking siya.

He has been in hunger strike for weeks now and hindi lang nahalata pero naka-planking talaga siya.

Because of this, a mokong source revealed that Congressman Winni Castello of  District 2 of Quezon City was planning to change his proposed anti- planking law.  He plans to include crocodiles too in his bill.

Isang protesta ‘di umano ang pinaplano laban sa anti-planking bill, a mass-planking action day, date and venue to follow.

But the bill according to mokongs will not make it to the finals. Hindi papayag ang mga mambabatas that crocs will be included in the bill.

Napag-alaman din that a known business tycoon will not support Castello’s anti-planking act.  Balak pa naman niya mag-planking to protest laban sa hindi pagpayag sa kanyang contractualization scheme sa kanyang businesses.   Planking while flying.

Meanwhile sa isang presscon sa Malakanyang, isang pang-beuaty pageant na tanong ang ipinukol ng isang mokong na reporter kay PNoy, “Paano na lang po kung magsabay-sabay ang transport strike sa katapusan? Tigil pasada ng Jeepney drivers dahil sa oil price hike, bus operators’ strike dahil sa toll fee, at PAL employees strike dahil sa Contractualization, would you change your beliefs to marry the pinoys that you love kuno?”

PNoy answered, “kaya nga ang love ko for the pinoys ay parang coca cola, nung campaign period regular, nung manalo na ako naging light, ngayon ZERO na.”

Laging tatandaan…ang maniwala at mapikon ay Mokong lang po.

Is this a suicidal republic?

Suicide (Latin suicidium, from sui caedere, “to kill oneself”) is the act of an organism intentionally causing its own death. Suicide is often committed out of despair, or attributed to some underlying mental disorder which includes depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, alcoholism and drug abuse. Pressures or misfortunes such as financial difficulties or troubles with interpersonal relationships may play a significant role.


Two Japanese Imperial Marines who committed su...

Image via Wikipedia

Yesterday, a teenager boy in a community in Q.C. where I stay, was found dead hanging in a tree.  Based from an ewan(A1) info, it was definite that there was no foul-play, the boy committed suicide.

The boy decided to end his life because of a supposed hiwalayan with his girlfriend.

Totoo palang nakamamatay talaga ang pag-ibig.  A person is capable of giving it all for his/her beloved kahit buhay pa niya.  At walang itinitira sa sarili. (Mokong drama)

Before this incident, last September 10, I noticed a large billboard erected in Quezon City Memorial Circle and several tarpaulin banners hanged in lamp posts around it.  It was an announcement of the “World Suicide Prevention Day 2011”

The banners caught my attention but honestly, although I never suspected that it was just another gimmick of the City Government, it was my first time to encounter this event. I never thought of taking it seriously until today.

Based from a mokong expert on this subject matter, according to his mokong sense, there is an alarming manifestation of the growing suicidal tendencies among the many of our fellow Filipinos and it’s caused by some reasons we have to find out.

Examples daw ay ang paglaganap ng mga suicidal na drivers ng pampasaherong sasakyan along commonwealth.  I realized, oo nga ano, if you will just observe kung papaano magpatakbo ng sasakyan ang mga drivers ay parang mga daredevil sa kalsada. This prompted the authorities to implement a 60kph speed limit.

Nandiyan din daw ang mga kababayan natin na nakikipagpatintero sa pagtawid sa napakalawak na Commonwealth ave. Putting their lives sa ala-tsambang maligtasan ang mga rumaragasang daredevil. Sila ang mga suicidal jaywalkers.

Just recently, in the news, are the hamog boys along Edsa.  Sila ‘yun mga kabataang nagsasamantala sa trafick upang makapaglanse ng mga taxi drivers at makapagnakaw. These kids are just samples of suicidal juvenile delinquents.

These incidents with hamog boys turned Senator Chiz Escudero with his suicidal proposal na pababain ang edad ng mga maaring parusahan ng batas from 18 to 15. He proposed to amend the Juvenile Justice and Welfare Act that exempts minors aged 15-18 from criminal liability.

Escudero said this is because the young are confident that they will not be sent to prison, and that if apprehended, they will eventually be released to their parents or turned over to the Department of Social Welfare and Development.

“Pabor ako ammendahan ang Juvenile Justice law,” Escudero said, qualifying that he had, in fact, tried to amend it during the last Congress. And while the proposal for amendment was not hindered outright, Escudero admitted that some senators gave him a hard time, possibly at the House of Representatives as well.


Sa ganang mokong po lamang, I personally am not comfortable with amending the law for reason na gusto nating suhituhin ang mga kids with criminal liability.

This for me will not justify why the system or law needs improvement.  Hindi ang mga bata ang may kasalanan bakit pumapalpak ang batas.

May hindi tayo nasasapul.

Ang nagmamagaling na mokong opinion ko po lamang ay let’s start with the common thing among the samples that we cited.

Una, lahat sila ay gumagawa ng paglabag dahil sila ay tinutulak ng sitwasyon.  Suicidal acts in a desperate situation.

Ikalawa, lahat sila ay may pagpapahalaga sa buhay o sa sarili at sa kapawa.  The boy who committed suicide ended his life because he sees no more reasons to live after his girlfriend broke up with him.  In 17, mag-isa na siyang nakikipagsapalaran sa buhay. He was a vendor and had no available relatives to rely on.  He invested all his hope to build his own family to his girlfriend.

The irony is that he cherished his life very much kaya nilagay niya sa kanyang kamay ang pagdedesisyon kitlin man ito.

Ang mga daredevil drivers ay tumataya sa pagharurot dahil kung babagal-bagal ay talo at walang maiuuwi sa pamilya.

Ang mga tumatawid sa kabila ng mga signs na “Bawal tumawid, may namatay na” ay dito na lang tsatsamba kesa matsambahan naman ng mga hold-uper sa mga pedestrian overpass.

Ang mga batang hamog boys, at mga iba pang mga delingkwente ay tip of the iceberg lang.  They themselves are victims of suicidal politicians and suicidal voters.

Parang slim ang difference dun sa Death Squad na pointblank kung pumatay ng mga delingkwente at pakiramdam nila ay sapul nila ang problema.

Baka naman the system failed to give the people a dignified life.  Baka naman the system are feeding from the desperation of the suicidal society. Lahat ay palaging taking the risks. Not really suicidal in its complete sense but pag natsambahan e pasensiyahan. Suicidal yun di ba?

How can we prevent suicide in a suicidal republic? I am not an expert kasi Mokong lang po.

Stressed and irritated croc looms in the diplomatic community – MokongLeaks

Photo extracted from pinoypower.net

It was reported in major dailies that “Lolong” the 20 foot long croc captured in Agusan del Sur last Saturday has not been eating due to stress and irritation.

“Sino ba naman ang makakakain sa ayos kong ito?” Lolong lamented.

Mokongs believed that they have been serving Lolong the wrong food.  A mokong expert said in a statement that crocs like Lolong are fond of Pork placed in a barrel, but the handler of lolong refused to feed him pork to avoid allegations of special treatment.

Kasalukuyan din pong nakaalerto ang mga otoridad dahil sa ulat na may partner si Lolong at napag-alamang maaring kasinglaki rin niya ito.

It was also presumed that the lady crocodile is now looking for her husband and will attack anytime.

The stressed and irritated Mrs. Croc allegedly manifested itself in an event about human rights in Quezon City.  MokongLeaks believe that this might be the lady croc that we have been worried about.

“I am irritated on that girl’s point,” the irritated croc pointed her finger to one of the participants of that workshop.

The question that annoyed this croc was, “if there’s a space for the recommendations of the Civil Society Organizations to be put forward?”

This MokongLeak information is about an ironic attitude that this croc supposedly from our diplomatic community showed the CSO participants of a workshop consultation that was held few days ago in Quezon City.  The workshop was intended to facilitate and collate CSO’s recommendations to a human rights body, siya po ang rep ng ating bansa dito.

“That’s the reason I’m there. If you don’t trust me, you jump in!”  the irritated croc even reacted at the top her lungs with violent sign language.  She did it in her very stressed diplomatic manners.

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