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Isyung HR: A rights’ propaganda

Isyung HR: A rights’ propaganda

PNoy was quoted in several news articles saying “a very vocal leftist community in the Philippines is very good at propaganda on human rights but I think the record speaks for itself.”

I searched for the definition of the term propaganda for the sake of clarity. Natanong ko sa isang mokong, “What is propaganda?” he answered, “GMG -Google mo Gago!”

And so I did. According to Wikipedia…

“Propaganda is a form of communication that is aimed at influencing the attitude of a community toward some cause or position by presenting only one side of an argument. Propaganda is usually repeated and dispersed over a wide variety of media in order to create the chosen result in audience attitudes.”

Naisip ko, Oo nga, pwede nga naman. Pero kung ang documentation of human rights violations ang titingnan, propaganda pa rin nga kaya ang human rights issues sa ating bansa?

Sa ganitong lohika, Human Rights groups document HRVs to influence a result. Oo nga, to push government to perform its obligations. One sided? oo rin, dahil nakapanig ang mga grupo sa mga biktima. And human rights violations pertain to the duty bearer’s violations of its obligations to respect, protect and fulfill human rights.

“Human rights violations occur when actions by state (or non-state) actors abuse, ignore, or deny basic human rights (including civil, political, cultural, social, and economic rights). Furthermore, violations of human rights can occur when any state or non-state actor breaches any part of the UDHR treaty or other international human rights or humanitarian law.”

Sa aking pagkakaalam, International Human Rights standards and laws were set up in the context of States responsibilities and obligations in respecting and protecting the human rights of the people.

Pero in Pnoy’s point of view as quoted in the article, “But in the past two weeks, for instance, we’ve had a lot of abuses done on state agents. When they were enforcing, for instance, eviction notices… they were pelted with human waste. And a lot of danger has happened to our people.”

Ibig sabihin ba nito, mas human rights issue for PNoy ang nabanggit? The “right not to be pelted with human waste” versus the peoples’ “right to housing.” Subukin nating hanapin sa UDHR. Hehehe mokong lang po…

Kung propaganda ay half truth, at ang HRVs ay propaganda, hindi nga ba katotohanan ang mga issues na katulad ng recent massacre committed by members of Military forces against family members of a B’laan tribe leader opposed to the entry of Sagittarius Mines Incorporated (SMI) in their ancestral domain area?

The massacre that killed a pregnant mother and two of her children happened last October 18, 2012 in Sitio Fayahlob, Barangay Datal Aliong, Kiblawan, Davao del Sur, Mindanao. The perpetrators were members of 27th Infantry Battalion of Philippine Army led by 1Lt. Dante Jimenez the commanding officer of the Bravo Company and under the command of Lt. Colonel Noel Alexis Bravo, Battalion Commander.

An article published in states that, “At sunrise Thursday, October 18, the soldiers of the 27th Infantry Battalion of the Philippine Army “strafed” the house of Erita’s brother, Daguil Capion, killing Capion’s 27-year old wife, Juvy and his sons, Pop Capion, 13, and John, 8, Erita told Rappler.

“According to Erita, at around 6:30 am, gunfire echoed across the quiet mountainous village, about 3 hours away from Koronadal, the capital of South Cotabato.

“Pumasok kami [sa bahay], sumigaw kaming mga babae. Bakit dinadamay ang mga bata? Ang magulang kong babae, talagang sumisigaw siya. Yung militar, pinatay ang mga bata nang walang awa.”
(We entered the house. The women were crying, ‘Why did you include the children?’ My mother was really crying. The military killed the children without mercy.”

According to news reports the military was saying that it was a legitimate encounter. So ito ba ang the other half of the truth?

“The military however claimed that what happened was an encounter between the group of Erita’s anti-mining tribal warrior-brother Daguil and government troops. Reports said that Lt Col Alexis Noel Bravo claimed that members of the Army’s 27th Infantry Battalion were attacked by armed men suspected to be Daguil’s group as the troops arrived in Sitio Alyong, Barangay Kimlawis in the town of Kiblawan del Sur. Bravo said the Army soldiers were responding to reports that the tribal leader was in the area.

“Erita (one of the witnesses) belied the military’s claim, saying that troops were already in their community hours before the killings. She said she and her fellow B’laans saw three 6×6 army vehicles arrive as early as 2 am of October 18.

“Eking Freay, a sitio leader in Bong Mal, also said he saw the military vehicles arriving in their area in the early hours of Thursday, October 18.”

Human Rights violations may not be as bloody as in this case. Sa mokong kong perspective, ang pagtrato sa human rights violations sa bansa bilang mahusay na propaganda lamang ng iilan, lalo at nagmula pa sa deklarasyon ng pangulo ay isang human rights violation itself. And it contributes to impunity.

We should be reminding the President that inaction in human rights violations ay human rights violation mismo. And such declaration shows na totoo nga ang nasagap natin sa ilang mga mokong na ang karapatang pantao ay hindi prioridad ni PNoy mismo.

Propaganda ang turing niya sa mga kaso ng HRVs, kaya pala mukhang hindi pa niya siniseryoso ang isang National Human Rights Action Plan.

“A warrant of arrest has been issued for a former Army general wanted for human rights abuses, the President said. He was referring to Jovito Palparan, who is wanted for the kidnapping and torture of two University of the Philippines coeds. The two are listed among the victims of enforced disappearances.” The news article concluded.

O ayan naman pala, e ‘di dapat na ngang pirmahan na ni PNoy ang Anti-Enforced Disappearance Bill. Pero kung propaganda pa rin ang turing ni PNoy sa mga cases ng enforced disappearance ay baka hindi niya pirmahan ang nakasalang na batas? Paano na?

Ang masaklap pa nga, this statement of PNoy was made in October 23 ilang araw matapos ang Massacre sa Tampakan at during the Indigenous Peoples Month.

Kung isang propaganda ang akto ng pagiging one sided o pagpanig sa mga biktima, at isang propaganda ang intensiyong makapagtulak ng resultang kilalanin ang karapatang pantao ng mamamayan, e di sige propaganda na nga.

Therefore, ang artikulong ito ay isang propaganda. A rights’ propaganda.

Again pasensiya na mokong perspective lang po.

2nd HR Pinduteros Choice Awards

2nd HR Pinduteros Choice Awards.

In celebration of the coming 2012 Human Rights Week in December and as a way to give thanks to HR Defenders who continued their support by patronizing and contributing online articles, photos, statement, press releases and other resources, is holding its 2nd HR Pinduteros Choice Awards.

The HR Pinduteros Choice Awards is an online event that aims to give recognition to human rights defenders’ online activities (Individuals and groups) that informed, inspired and mobilized the online readers to our common cause that is to promote, defend and assert human rights utilizing the internet as a tool.

Online polling and popularization of the event also hopes to contribute in increasing awareness and build up for the international HR day celebration in December 10, 2012 through encouraging the netizens to visit and learn more about human rights issues, campaigns and etc. posted and featured in different HR sites.

Human Rights Pinduteros is a community of internet users, HR advocates and activist who as a network promote and defend HR and believe in’s call to inform, inspire and mobilize our readers to our cause online and offline.

“2nd HR Pinduteros Choice Awards” aims to:

1. Encourage active HR promotions and posting
2. Recognize online efforts for human rights
3. Promote HR activities online and offline
4. Encourage more readers and patronage for HR sites and causes

Recognitions/Categories for HRonlinePH pinduteros’ (readers’) choice 2012
• 2012 most clicked HR bloggers
• 2012 most clicked HR website
• Top HR bloggers posts 2012
• Top HR networks post 2012
• Top HR event 2012
• Top HR photo 2012
• Top HR off the shelf 2012
• Top HR video 2012


Nominees were chosen from the top items per category posted in based on the hits generated from the period of October 2011 to September 30, 2012.

50% of the score for winning post will be based on statistics

50% will be based on an online voting/polling which will be held from the period of October 2012 to November 30 2012.

Winners will be announced and awarded during the HR week 2012 celebration. (Exact date and venue to be announced)

RA 10175 criminalizes internet freedom an assault to human rights!

Human Rights Online Philippines (, a group of human rights defenders online, stands against the present state of the Anti-Cyber Crime Law and we demand that such law must be consistent with human rights standards and perpetrators behind this spiteful law be held accountable.

RA 10175 or Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012 is a State crime and an assault against the human rights of the people. is one with the Filipino netizens in condemning its intention to deliberately go against our right to defend human rights online.Under the law, activists and human rights defenders will be the obvious and primary target of attacks by guilty politicians and government officials.

The intentional inclusion/insertion of treacherous provisions poses great danger to defenders utilizing the internet in its work to promote, defend and assert human rights against violators from the government.

The law is an obvious assault to many of the peoples’ rights both activists and ordinary citizens like free speech, freedom of expression, due process and among others. It is inconsistent with government’s obligation to respect, protect and fulfill human rights as provided in the Bill of Rights under the Philippine constitution and international Bill of Rights.

The law is also a blatant breach of the Government’s obligation and commitment to the United Nation International Covenant on Civil Political Rights (ICCPR) which states that;

Article 19

1. Everyone shall have the right to hold opinions without interference.

2. Everyone shall have the right to freedom of expression; this right shall include freedom to seek, receive and impart information and ideas of all kinds, regardless of frontiers, either orally, in writing or in print, in the form of art, or through any other media of his choice.

Certainly we need a law that would protect the people from cyber criminals and it’s our elected officials’ obligation to provide us one. But we cannot allow a law that would be used to suppress any of our democratic rights and freedom may it be on the internet or on the grounds. We must not allow any law that violates standards and protection of our rights.

We challenge and demand that PNoy government fulfill its duty and obligation to protect us. Protect the people from cyber criminals and from any form of attacks of human rights violators from the government.

We reiterate and assert that it is our right to defend human rights offline and online and any law that would violate these rights must be junked and perpetrator must be held accountable!It is obviously the intention of the malicious provisions of the law for guilty politicians to protect themselves by depriving the people of venues for airing demands and remedy for their issues.

It is not a crime to criticize government inaction and irresponsibility, it is our right!

It is not a crime to expose government violations, it is our right!

It is not a crime to assert and defend our rights, it is our right!

But it is a CRIME by the Government to violate our internet freedom because it is our human rights!

via [Statement] RA 10175 is an Anti-Cybercrime Law that criminalizes internet freedom an assault to human rights!

Word of the Lourd on Anti-Cybercrime Law


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October 2, 2012

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