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[Announcement] National Land Use Act: A Safer Future for All of Us PHOTO CONTEST

Human Rights Online Philippines

National Land Use Act: A Safer Future for All of Us

photo contest clupnowMany are unaware that the impacts of the tragedies caused by recent typhoons that hit the country, as well as the issue on the Torre de Manila construction that ruins the sight line of the Rizal Monument in Manila, are results of improper land use planning in the Philippines. The effect of improper land use planning was most evident when Typhoon Yolanda, the strongest typhoon that hit the Philippines, claimed thousands of lives, displaced families and communities, and disrupted business and economic activities.


Using the theme “A Safer Future for All of Us” the photo contest will be highlighting effects of proper and improper use of lands, impacts of disasters and climate change, food security, sustainability, and the need for the National Land Use Act.

The Campaign for Land Use Policy Now (CLUP Now!) aims to raise…

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#ProjectPagbangon Concert Series atbp.

[Event] #ProjectPagbangon Concert Series. By Philippine Misereor Partnership.

On the occasion of this year’s Human Rights Day, the Philippine Misereor Partnership Inc. (PMPI) launched a music video-making competition on the theme “RELIEF AND REHABILITATION ARE HUMAN RIGHTS”.

Please see details below or visit for more.

Project Pagbangon music video making by PMPIThe friendly competition is fairly simple: Using the anthem, create a MUSIC VIDEO that portrays how you and your friends, family or organization demonstrate your solidarity with victims and survivors of calamities, with the theme of the contest in mind of course.

STEP ONE: Watch the Original Singers Edition music video of Sandugo posted above.

STEP TWO: Send an email of intent to join using the subject “#ProjectPagbangon Contest” to Please include name of contact person, cellphone number, and short profile of your group. We will reply with a download link of the high resolution wav audio file of the song and further instructions.

STEP THREE: With the wav file, make a music video using your own video footages and/or photographs, animations and other open-source materials.

STEP FOUR: Upload your music video on Youtube, and send us a link to your music video by replying to the email with which we sent you the link of the wav file.

Considerations for judging include Substance (40%), Creativity (40%), Number of views of your entry in Youtube (10%) and Number of likes in Facebook (10%). Top three entries win recognition tokens and P10,000 each. Deadline for submission of entries is February 10, 2014. Winners will be determined on Araw ng Kagitingan 2014.

Entry to the competition is free, and each of the first 10 to join gets a complimentary music album and book worth at least 1,000.


3rd Human Rights Pinduteros Choice Awards

3rd Human Rights Pinduteros Choice Awards.

pinduteros choice logo smallFor the third time, Human Rights Online Philippines or will give recognition to human rights defenders’ efforts to promote, assert and defend human rights by maximizing online platforms. This year the event will celebrate the assertion for freedom of expression and opinion online and offline with the theme “Internet Freedom… our rights, our choice, our voice.”

The successful online campaign against the unconstitutional RA10175 or the Anti-Cybercrime Act of 2012 that temporarily stopped its actual implementation and the very recent August 26 #MillionPeopleMarch in Luneta, initiated online by netizens against the PDAF scam revealed the undeniable capacity of the Filipino people to assert its rights and the use of ONLINE MEDIA as a powerful tool. The power of the people that was manifested both online and offline in both instances had proven the world how true that Philippines indeed is the social networking capital of the world. Alongside, it exposes that the recurring and continuing threat of suppression of freedom of expression also holds true, thus the need to be on guard, more vigilant and assertive in defending for these freedoms.

The government has announced its intent to refile the amended version of the Anti-Cybercrime Law come the opening of the 16th Congress while Senator Meriam Defensor had initiated the Magna Carta of Internet Rights which according to her and the supporters of the proposed measure would protect the rights of the people online.

As issues like cyber bullying and many others plagued the cyberworld, and while it is the obligation of the government to come up with measures to stop crimes including those in the internet, we have to remain steadfast in asserting that the freedom of expression and speech in the internet or offline be respected, protected and fulfilled by the Government at all times.


To contribute in the promotion of the Human Rights Week celebration every December, holds an annual HR Pinduteros’ Choice Awards that recognizes HRDs online efforts in promoting, defending and asserting human rights.

As an online event, the HR Pinduteros’ Choice Awards aims to give recognition to human rights defenders’ (Individuals and groups) relentless efforts to inform, inspire and mobilize the online readers to our common cause for HR that utilizes the internet as a tool. The event will also provide HR networks glimpses of how widely and effectively does their advocacies and issues reach the readers or segment of the internet world.

Online polling and popularization of the event also hopes to contribute in increasing awareness and build up for the international HR day celebration in December 10 through encouraging the netizens to visit and learn more about human rights issues, campaigns and etc. posted and featured in with links to different HR sites months before the HR day.

Held for the first time last December 1, 2011 during the public launch of initiative in Crystal Shift Restaurant in Quezon City, the event became our way to give thanks to the networks of human rights defenders who continued in contributing to the initial success of the site.

On December 10, 2012, the 2nd HR Pinduteros’ Choice Awards was held during the Active Vista Awards Night of DAKILA held in PETA complex.

Human Rights Pinduteros is a name we coined referring to HR community of internet users, HR advocates and activists and HR issues followers that as a network- promote and defend HR and believe in’s call to inform, inspire and mobilize our readers to our cause.

To know more about 3rd HR Pinduteros Choice Awards Nominees visit